Super Smart People Animating With Science

Two things I love:  Animation and Science.  The two are actually very much alike…they are inquisitive, sometimes tedious and can reveal a lot of beauty in the every day.

Gaze now upon this fabulous video that describes the journey of some super smart IMB’ers who have created an adorable little animation using teensy teensy weensy little molecules (or atoms…I’m confused which) to animate a short story.   The other interesting side note, and the basis for the research, is making data storage even more tiny and accesible.  One of the guys mentions “Today we can carry one or two movies on our phone…with the development this technology, you could potentially store every movie ever made on your phone.”


For Lauren

Spotify spit up this little gem for me a while back. Wikipedia this song was written in 1930 and skinnin’ a mule just means cracking your whip while driving them on a wagon. Much less violent than I imagined. Besides being a badass yodeler, Dolly is from Tennessee, like our mom’s family. (Hi Ya’ll!). She has genius advice for all types of situations.  Lauren is Dolly’s number one fan of all time and this is for her.

New Jams: Angel Olsen “Tiniest Seed”

Girl version of Roy Orbison? Yes, please!  I discovered Angel Olsen’s music about a month ago and instantly was reminded of one of my favorite singers, Roy Orbison.  The arrangements on her album “Half Way Home” are perfectly restrained, her voice is sweet and sad just as much as her lyrics.

Befitting to her music is this 16mm black and white film she helped create for the song “Tiniest Seed”.  It’s all done using a single roll of 16mm film using a technique where the same film roll is exposed multiple times.

Buy the album here

Learn more about the film here