Don't do it. Unless you're like me and have a perverse need to scare the shit out of yourself. Then watch it over and over again. You're welcome.

Nope. No no no.

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I was reading Goop (Ms. Gwyneth Paltrow’s website). It’s mostly so I can judge her/admire her bod/be charmed by her nerdness/*marvel at how completely out of touch with reality she is*. She was cleaning out her closet and sharing where her tossed off duds were going. Vaunte was the name of one. It is a very pretty website and very expensive for somebody’s old blouse.

But then….. she revealed The Real Real. It’s really real ya’ll. Prices are great, selection is vast. You can also consign with them.  I was forced to give props to Ms. Paltrow for showing me something that is actually attainable, not some organic, wheat-free, fat-free air from Indonesian monks or whatever.

P.S. Never buy someone's shoes. The end.